Anja Kotar Celebrates the Female Journey with a Women's History Month Playlist

By now all you Musical Notes Global readers out there must know how much we love Anja Kotar.

A sparkling and shining pop starlet, Anja never fails to deliver powerful messages about today’s world through her easy-to-listen-to modern pop jams.

To help us continue our Women’s History Month celebration, Anja curated a playlist of songs from some of the strongest female artists that have ever hit the airwaves. Check out her thoughts + listen below.



Creating music has always stemmed from an internal, insuppressible desire for expression. A hunger to give concrete shapes to our deepest, most indefinite feelings, thoughts, ideas.

Like numerous other groups throughout time, women have had plenty of subject matter to dive into and bring to life. In the earlier days of recorded music (when I Love Lucy had to replace the word “pregnant” with “enceinte” on television), female proclamations of freedom and equality were considerably veiled and covert.

Today, confident and direct tracks that (unfiltered) speak of the most personal realities of being a woman dominate the airwaves.

But no matter the decade, its cultural climate, and restrictions - one thing is sure: women have always had the uncontainable fervor to carve their rightful place in the world. Through music, they could release the tension burning within them and pull back the curtain on the empowering, yet so often painful and heartbreaking experience of being a woman.

This playlist tracks our female journey, both through decades of music and the constant ebb and flow of exuding confident authority, then suddenly battling unexpected challenges - a cycle we continually face throughout our lives.

I hope this music inspires you and reminds you of your greatest gift: you posses the strength to lead, empower, and overcome obstacles to create a more equal world for generations of girls to follow.


Barbra Streisand-“Don’t Rain On My Parade”

Liza Minelli-“New York, New York”

Dolly Parton-“9 to 5”

St. Vincent-“Savior”


Solange-“Cranes In the Sky”

Jorja Smith-“Beautiful Little Fools”

Nina Simone-“Four Women”

Lorde-“Writer In the Dark”

Lady Gaga-“Yoü and I” (Live from A Very Gaga Thanksgiving)


Carla Bruni-“Quelqu’un m’a dit”

Donna Missal-“Girl”

Jessie J - “Queen”

Janelle Monáe - “I Like That”

Lana del Rey-“Cola”

Tove Lo-“Cool Girl”

Sigrid-“Don’t Kill My Vibe”

Alicia Keys-“Superwoman"

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