"Antisocial Socialites," nicopop.’s Latest Collab with Kyan Palmer (ft. Yuri Joness), is an Introvert’s Going-Out Anthem

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Kyan Palmer is an LA-based R&B singer and songwriter. nicopop. is an electronic pop singer sent from the early 2000s to transport us back to simpler times. The two met over a writing session, realizing that they had something special, and combined, Palmer’s soulfulness and nicopop.’s gentle, mid-tempo ambiance have a recipe for pop excellence.

Featuring New York City rapper Yuri Joness, the duo’s latest collab is a funky and nostalgia-fueled pop track worthy of top 40 praise. “Antisocial Socialites” is an introvert’s going-out anthem, ready to carry those who would rather be home instead of at the club with their friends through the night.

“Antisocial Socialites” is full of synthy keyboard chord progressions, heavy bass, and layered, futuristic vocals. It’s a song that will be heard in every club, party, and feel-good movie soundtrack. Listeners can hear it a thousand times and never get sick of it.

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