WATCH: Matty Carlock Channels Folk Goodness on "Jeralyn"

Are you ready for a breath of fresh air?

Look no further than the latest from New Jersey-based singer and songwriter Matty Carlock, who recently released his latest single “Jeralyn.”

With a background in the hardcore and metal music scenes, Carlock has also maintained a significant presence in the hip-hop scene, and has written and produced for some its most promising up-and-coming artists, including Bulletproof Bev and Albee Al.

Featured on his new album The Jailbirds, his first as a solo artist, folk track “Jeralyn” represents Carlock’s ability to explore and adapt to multiple genres like a chameleon.

The music video, which was directed by Rob Selling, places Carlock alongside celebrity photographer Danny Clinch, who also stars in the video in addition to actress Ava Portman. Watch “Jeralyn” below.

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