"It’s All About Feeling Liberation Through the Music and Looking Fierce": London's Queen of Dance Tara McDonald Talks New Zion Y Lennox Collab "Money Maker"

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London’s “Queen of Dance,” aka Tara McDonald, is a force to be reckoned with, and if you haven’t heard of her yet, you need to know who she is.

With 20 tracks that have hit the top 10 in the international charts, McDonald has built up an extensive catalogue of high energy hits. Catapulted into the spotlight in 2006 with the single “My My My,” a collaboration with American DJ and producer Armand van Helden, she’s also worked with global artists like Snoop Dogg and David Guetta, has performed at a variety of renowned music festivals including Ultra Music Festival, and has even appeared as an assistant coach on Belgium’s edition of The Voice.

Continuing her string of international collaborations, McDonald just dropped a hot new track called “Money Maker” alongside award-winning Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Zion Y Lennox. “After touring in Latin America, I heard Zion Y Lennox on radio and really connected with their music!” McDonald explained about how the collab was born. “I just love that they’ve been in the game for as long as I have and are still going strong and it’s great to have a duo onboard, you know Zion is a singer Lennox is more a rapper. They are unique, great songwriters, performers and have incredible voices. When I played them the song for the first time they immediately said ‘we love it, we want to be a part of the project and we want to do it now!!’”

Developed out of a hook that McDonald first heard in Paris, “Money Maker” blends Latin rhythms with scintillating pop vocals and an intoxicating beat. “I was looking for a big hook and my producer Moox sent me ten different ideas,” she told Musical Notes Global. “I remember exactly where I was when I first heard the hook for ‘Money Maker’, in Paris standing on the Champs-Elysées. I was going through the ideas and jumped up and down with excitement when I first heard it! Then we organized a studio session to make the hook into a real banging pop song. After travelling to Latin America, I wanted to try and make a record mixing different cultures with Latino rhythms and big pop vocals. The title idea came to me when I heard the hook. It made me want to dance and shake my…‘Money Maker’. The writing session was also like a party, the energy in the room was amazing. We were all dancing around as we were writing the song, there was a lot of twerking going on, even from the boys :D”

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Empowering and super addicting, “Money Maker” is a sizzling hot dance anthem for the 21st century. “Lyrically the song talks about feeling completely free and dancing like no one is watching, dancing for yourself without the fear of being judged,” she explained. “It’s all about feeling liberation through the music and looking fierce.”

Although the track is not McDonald’s first foray into Latin music—in 2017 she joined forces with platinum-selling Spanish artist and producer Juan Magán and Mexican boy band Urband5—“Money Maker” is taking her into a new stage of her career that sees her focusing on crafting a truly global sound and appeal. “This song represents my new musical style, an eclectic mix of cultures and sounds from around the world,” she said. “It’s my pop version of world music. Some people collect souvenirs from countries they visited. Me, I’m collecting influences, cultures and vibes. I’m putting my spin on it but showing that globally we are stronger together! I’m a big believer in equality and this project reflects this. I hope listeners will get it this way, it’s an accessible project full of references to different countries and vibes. And most of all positive and fun!”

The music video that accompanies “Money Maker” has accumulated over 1 million views since its release earlier this month. “I’m so happy we did this collaboration as they [Zion & Lennox] took the song to a whole other level and we had so much fun on the music video shoot in Miami,” McDonald said. “It was a real party, exactly as it looks in the video. It has been a real pleasure getting to know them more personally. And you know what, they are a couple of jokers!”

Watch “Money Maker” below!

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