Guest Blog: The Inoculated Canaries' Official Guide to "Sneakers"



New York-based quartet The Inoculated Canaries are going to be your new favorite rock band after just one listen.

Blending the familiar with the unexpected, the group, affectionately known as “the four guys who can’t dance,” comprises Michael Rubin (guitar, vocals), James Terranova (drums), Dylan Gross (bass), and Brian Sweeney (keyboard). Diving deep into raw human emotion, The Inoculated Canaries keep it real with a great sense of humor while telling their stories in a creative but relatable way, enhancing their impact with vibrant melodies and an overall energizing sound.

Fresh off the release of their uber dynamic, undeniably catchy, radio-friendly single “Sneakers,” the band penned a guest blog for Musical Notes Global about, you guessed it, sneakers! Step into their closet and find out more about their favorites and the ones they think no one should wear. Check it out below!

The Inoculated Canaries’ Official Guide to “Sneakers”

You can tell a lot about somebody by what shoes they wear. For example, if they’re wearing flip flops, you can probably outrun them right now. Our song and video “Sneakers” is symbolic of a relationship “I just keep on waiting for these new kicks to get old”.  My favorite part was setting the sneakers on fire. I went through almost two bottles of lighter fluid because I had no idea how much it would take to torch them. Here are our personal favorite sneakers, as well as one pair we all agree are completely horrid.


My day-to-day wardrobe is almost exclusively made up of black t-shirts and blue jeans, so when looking for a pair of shoes, I wanted something a little different.  I’ve worn Vans pretty much exclusively since high school, and have rarely varied from the black pair. This is the second time I’ve bought a pair of these red sneakers.-  Dylan


I found this pair in the Converse store in SoHo. It’s a huge two floor space with a station to create your own sneakers in the basement. I got to pick out all the little details about this pair and they even had a limited edition canvas option made out of real wine cork. They’re pretty worn in now but I still wear them almost every day.-James


I bought these right after I got my first real job. I was so careful with them for like 4 months before they were heinously christened in salsa at a restaurant. Now they’re just a regular pair of old shoes to me. It’s better that way, because having something that you constantly have to worry about taking care of is annoying.-Michael


I’m a guy that likes routine and hates spending more than ten minutes shopping for anything, so these sneakers are pretty much the dream.  I’ve owned this exact pair (in a few different colors) for the last four years, and I wear them almost exclusively. In a world where so little is certain, I take pride in consistently looking like I listen to Steely Dan while cruising around the marina on my yacht. -Brian


These weren’t cool when your dad wore them in 1986, and if you ask us they’re still not cool today.

Watch “Sneakers” below.

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