Rising Artist Spotlight: Jona Camacho Talks Early Influences + Hit Single "Está Bn"

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Jona Camacho is a true artist in every sense of the word.

Already established in his native Colombia, the singer, songwriter, and seasoned multi-instrumentalist is now infiltrating the U.S. Latin market with his undeniable talent that has the power to win over listeners across generations and language barriers.

A former member of the band Radiosuite, Camacho is now entering his solo project with impressive determination, razor sharp focus, and a rich background in classical music and percussion. “I think being a drummer has been the best thing in my career because I learned how to make grooves and understand the rhythm in general, how to connect the Colombian rhythms with others and create a new interpretation of this,” he told Musical Notes Global.

With the release of his new EP Plástico, Camacho has solidified himself as one of the top players and innovators in the blooming genre of Latin R&B. The collection features his single “Está Bn,” an addictive and alluring track that boldly demands the attention of listeners through sensual vocals and vulnerable storytelling. “This song is about how difficult it is to say goodbye to the person I loved,” he explained. “This obsession, a toxic relationship that I could not save, getting to know myself, what I like and what I need in my life. This was a story that happened to me, so for me, it’s really hard to sing it.”

Driven by an undeniable funk and rich moody vibe, “Está Bn,” which was released in April, carries the influence of legendary soul and R&B legends like Stevie Wonder and Barry White. “That’s because of my dad,” he revealed, “my dad has a broad taste in music, so I grew up listening to Motown, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, but at the same time some traditional Colombian genres like cumbia, bambucos, and I started to imitate these sounds. I remember when I was a little boy singing some R&B melodies alone in my housey…It was so easy, and over the years I learned to play with this wave. I don’t know if I do it perfectly. That’s not the idea. But I make music with love and my own style.”

While it may seem that there is nothing left for this brilliant creative to learn, he acknowledged that he experienced a new stage of self-discovery while creating the track. “I learned to think about my emotional future and my music career, and to remember that I’m an artist who needs peace with myself and to take time for myself once again.”

“Está Bn” also won Camacho a spot on a variety of Spotify and Apple Music playlists, including Apple Music’s Suave playlist, where he is joined by both up and coming and established artists from all over the world: Mexican-American singer and songwriter Cuco, Spanish artist/producer Rosalía, American contemporary R&B artist Khalid, and many more. “I am really happy for the support with this song, and I think it’s the perfect playlist for ‘Está Bn,’” he said. “I follow ‘Suave,’ and love the songs in this playlist, so I am really really happy."

Above all, however, one thing is clear: Jona Camacho is a star, but he is also someone that anybody can relate to. “I am a dreamer like everyone,” he said. “A common person. Follow me and find out more!!”

Camacho recently made his U.S. debut in Los Angeles, where he formed part of the lineup of the Latinx concert series Chido/Chevere/Cool and will also perform at the BMI Showcase in New York City next week.

Listen to Plástico via Spotify here.

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