Behind the Scenes: Mimi Raver Reveals 5 Details to Know About the Making of "Make It In America"

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Born in New York and now based in Los Angeles, Mimi Raver is bringing a refreshing creative spin to the lo-fi indie scene.

Born into an artistic family—Raver’s parents are both artists in commercial film—Mimi grew up with art as her first language. Learning photography from the age of 13 and then moving on to music and songwriting, creativity is in her blood, and the world is eager for what she has to offer.

The multifaceted New Jersey-raised artist is fresh off the release of her single “Make It In America,” a haunting breakup song. The track comes accompanied by a DIY music video that was shot with a vintage Nizo 800 and gives viewers a free ticket to a puppet show created with poster board, paints, and household items.

Raver revealed some behind the scenes details about the making of “Make It In America,” from how the song developed to how she conceptualized the music video. Check out her thoughts below.

1.) The song was inspired by a friend who was going through a really hard breakup and had the rug pulled out from under her so to speak. It just reminded me of how fast your world can get turned upside down and how we cope with that.

2.) I had the idea for the music video and then kept finding pieces for the video almost by accident. I stumbled on one of the puppets in a thrift store and even found a bag filled with poster board that I used for the backgrounds in a parking garage while on a job one day.

3.) The sets for the video were pretty labor intensive and I spent many Friday nights alone in my living room decorating the tiny rooms.

4.) I am a big fan of Michel Gondry and the way his films always have an aspect of arts and crafts or clever film tricks so the video was inspired by that style.

5.) Trying to learn how to actually Puppeteer was the most difficult part of the shoot! Marionettes seem simple but the mechanics of movement and making it look life like are very complicated. It was a fun skill to learn along the way.

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