LISTEN: The Rope & The Rabbit from Owen-Glass

Lakeon Conley 1.png

In an ever-changing, fast-paced world, it is nice to have artists who slow down the narrative and create art that is meant to be listened to with care and consideration.

Released on May 10, The Rope & The Rabbit is Americana and gospel-influenced rock duo Owen-Glass’s debut album that bewitches listeners, sending them into a calming and reflective state.

With eleven tracks, The Rope & The Rabbit is an album about self-discovery, in a time where ideas become new and trigger periods of growth. Its storytelling and rawness rings clarity in these dark times. As each song progresses, Owen-Glass dives into different aspects of vulnerability, while also encouraging free-thinking and having confidence in oneself.

Do Owen-Glass a favor: play this record at full blast, but do it without any distractions. Listen to it, in order, from start to finish.

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