"I Want People, Especially Women, to Feel Accepted, Empowered and Free": Australian Pop Starlet Phebe Starr Talks New EP Ice Tea Liberace

PHOTO CREDIT: She is Aphrodite

PHOTO CREDIT: She is Aphrodite

Australian indie pop artist Phebe Starr is often compared to Sweden’s Lykke Li and British pop artist Marina & The Diamonds, but the radiant singer and songwriter stands out all on her own by capturing the human experience in a way that only she can.

Today Starr releases her brand new four-track EP Ice Tea Liberace, a collection that explores the very relatable themes of growing up and the loss of innocence that comes with the inevitable process of doing so.

Starr sat down with Musical Notes Global to talk all about Ice Tea Liberace and how she hopes her fans connect with it. Check out the full interview below.

MNG: First we have to ask: how did you come up with the title of the EP? (We totally love it btw)

Phebe Starr: It’s the name of my favourite song on the E.P. It’s also a lyric in the song. When I write music I kind of get in a zone and I mumbled out those words and after some reflection they make perfect sense!

MNG: Did you learn anything new while making it?

PS: I learnt a lot about my writing process. It's very sacred to me and I like to make a mess and then clean it up for people to hear.

MNG: What will you carry with you into your next song or album?

PS: You're gonna just have to listen.

MNG: Did you learn anything about yourself?

PS: I learnt how to let people hate me and I learnt to love my opinion.

MNG: What is one track that listeners absolutely have to hear?


Phebe Starr Ice Tea Liberace.png

MNG: How do you think Ice Tea Liberace shows the world who you are as an artist?

PS: This song and E.P is a lot of my opinions. I think Hollywood is dead. I think art is owned by the people and it always has been. It’s meant to encourage, inspire and transport. That’s why the best art is made by those who have been oppressed. It’s worth more than money and can’t be bought.

MNG: What do you think is most important for listeners to take away after listening to the EP?

PS: I want people especially women to feel accepted, empowered and free.

MNG: How do you hope your fans connect with it?

PS: I want them to play it when they need to be hyped. When they are discouraged or rejected and know that I get it. I want it to inspire people to love and be loved!

MNG: If you could say anything to your fans, what would it be?

PS: Let's do this!

Listen to Ice Tea Liberace now on Spotify.

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