Tumbayé: Who is Oscarcito?

Some of you might have heard of Oscarcito by now because of his super hit "Tumbayé," which we can't really ever get enough of here.

Aside from this standout track, this cantante venezolano has quite a lot of experience in the music industry, penning hits for artists such as Victor Manuelle and forming half of the duo Franco & Oscarcito. Luckily for us, he tried his hand at a solo career, which brought "Tumbayé" to the world. We guarantee you will not be able to get it out of your head.

We also need to take a minute to acknowledge how incredible the music video is. Directed by Miguel Ferrer (who also directed Tico y Javi's "Mi Novia y Yo"), the video is unique and theatrical. With vivid colors and majestic scenes moving from a post-apocalyptic-like world through fantastical settings, it captured our attention right away.

Right now we're loving Oscarcito's latest collab with artist/producer/songwriter Maffio, "Quiero Otro Amor." It was originally released as a solo track by Maffio last year.

Look out for Oscarcito's solo album soon. Until then, a couple of tracks to tide you over: "Tú Eres Perfecta," "Llegó la Navidad"

And of course this epic music video: