Our Top 5 Latin Songs of the Moment-April

It's time for our monthly Top 5 again! It's always so hard for us to limit our favorites to such a short list, but these are the songs that we finally agreed on. They're on our playlist now. We hope you like them too.

5. "El Perdón"-Nicky Jam feat. Enrique Iglesias

Why We Picked It: Nicky Jam is inescapable right now, as is Enrique Iglesias, so aside from the fact that we really like the song it's pretty much required that we feature them here.


4. "Un Zombie a la Intemperie"-Alejandro Sanz

Why We Picked It: This song felt very familiar to us at first listen--in a good way. His voice reminds us of that of the Italian legend Zucchero, whose work we are more familiar with. Smoky pop/rock with a dash of Joe Cocker, we just had to include this track on our list.


3. "Quiero Otro Amor"-Maffio feat. Oscarcito

Why We Picked It: This is an upbeat track about moving on to a better relationship. As we mentioned in an earlier post, Maffio released the song last year as a solo track but just recently released it featuring Oscarcito. It was also released as a remix featuring J. Alvarez, but we like this version the best.


2. "Algo Brilla en Mí"-Natalia Jiménez

Why We Picked It: Natalia Jiménez is undoubtedly one of our favorite Latina singers out there right now. We love her music and everything she stands for. A fun and sunny track, "Algo Brilla en Mí" is a standout from her recently released album Creo en Mí, which we also love.


1. "Me Voy Enamorando (Remix)"-Chino & Nacho feat. Farruko

Why We Picked It: We always look forward to new releases from Chino & Nacho, one of our favorite Latin duos. This song is incredibly addicting and upbeat with the potential to reach number 1. It's sure to explode when the video releases.