3 Awesome Songs from England You Need to Hear

It’s time to momentarily shift gears here on MNGBlog. We’ve stumbled upon some awesome songs from England and we just have to share! Here are three of the most perfect soul-flavored songs for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

“Sublime”-Emilee Boyce

“Sublime” from singer/songwriter Emilee Boyce is the definition of a feel good song. It always puts us in a good mood. Roll down those car windows—this song is made for a sunshine-filled, carefree afternoon.

Check back with us for our full feature on this charming and talented artist from Kent, England.

“Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself”-Jess Glynne

The fourth single from Jess Glynne’s chart-topping debut album I Cry When I Laugh was successfully released in July, peaking at #1 on the UK charts. It’s a club-ready anthem with lyrics that are a great reminder that we should all lighten up and forgive ourselves for our mistakes.

“Omen”-Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

We love this collaboration between duo Disclosure, formed by brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence, and the incredible Sam Smith. The result is a smoky track of electronic soul.

Who are your favorite artists from England? Let us know in the comments below!