ICYMI: New Video from Jae Cruz "Dejalos Moldios"

In case you missed it...

Jae Cruz, one of MNGBlog's favorite and most endearing contestants from season 1 of Univision's competition show La Banda, recently released an awesome music video for his latest single "Dejalos Moldios."

The reality show contestant-turned-solo artist is backed by an incredible fan base of #Cruzers, who show him the most amazing support every day and waited anxiously for the release of the video.

"Dejalos Moldios" is a song about being true to yourself and setting an example for others. "It does not matter what the critics say and what others think," Jae said. "Stay true to yourself and keep working hard to do your own thing."

For more about the single, read here. And make sure to check out MNGBlog's interview with Jae here.

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