IlVolovers Fly High at First-Ever Il Volo Fan Faire

On March 25, at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, the first-ever Il Volo Fan Faire took place.



Organized by Myron and Jeannette of Il Volo Las Vegas, and supported by MNGBlog affiliate Il Volo Flight Crew, the event brought together Il Volo fans from all over the world and provided a unique and intimate setting for them to meet their musical heroes.

Unfortunately, MNGBlog couldn't be there to share in the excitement first hand but had the opportunity to speak with Myron, as well as Flight Crew administrators Marie and Kelly, about their experiences at this exciting event. 

As one could imagine, the atmosphere that night was electric, filled with excitement and anticipation. With 112 fans in attendance, that's a lot of energy in one room! The night kicked off with a cocktail hour, followed by a special welcome by Myron, who told MNGBlog how the event grew out of an idea that dates all the way back to 2012. "At first," he said, "I was only interested in just simply getting the boys here to Vegas--period. Later the idea evolved into doing something additional, like a fan meeting of some sort." By 2013, after speaking to the trio at a CD signing in Chicago, it became apparent that the group felt the same way. Myron recounted: "Ignazio was the first one to say: 'I hope you get us to Las Vegas'," a thought also agreed upon by Gianluca and Piero. It wasn't until November of 2015, however, when Il Volo were guests at the Latin Grammy awards, that both Myron and Jeannette sat down with road manager Barbara Vitalli to finally discuss what developed into the 2016 Las Vegas Fan Faire, which included dinner and the chance to spend some time with the group before their concert at the Palms.

Marie, who curates and writes for, was also invited to speak at the Fan Faire, adding to the celebration with a special announcement regarding a milestone for the site. After thanking Kelly and writers for the Flight Crew, she then revealed that would have over 1 million viewers by June from 167 countries, including Vatican City. They have also recently published their 1,000th post. Way to go, friends!

When asked, Kelly and Marie both said their favorite part of the night was when the trio finally arrived, doing so to "an uproarious crowd," as Marie so perfectly put it. Kelly told MNGBlog it was "Pan. De. Monium," saying "You had to be there!"



Over the span of their six-year career, Il Volo has established an incredible rapport with fans of all ages and continues to build their glowing reputation during real-life encounters. The two Flight Crew administrators provided insight into what it's like meeting the three refined young men face to face. "They are grateful and humble and look you right in the eye," Marie said. "Not what you would expect from fairly famous 21-year-olds." (You can read more about Marie's Meet & Greet experience here.) Kelly added: "They are incredibly generous and open. And polite. They were definitely raised right!"

The special event also gave fans a chance to meet fellow IlVolovers, some of which have been communicating with each other for years online but have never met in person. "I can't tell you how happy I was to meet those people," Marie said. "Some of us had been communicating for nearly 4 years. It was such a treat to connect faces with names. I knew a few of them so well that they turned out looking exactly as I pictured they would." Kelly remembered: "It was so great feeling so much love in the room, for each other and Il Volo." Considering the fact that the Italian trio has achieved the amazing feat of bringing together fans from around the world in a loving, one-of-a-kind community, it is no surprise that this overwhelming love filled the room on that special night.

Kelly also had a wonderful experience in Las Vegas, with an unexpected surprise. As an administrator for, many people have grown to know her as both a writer and a friend. "I had no idea how many people were waiting to meet me," she said. "They knew I was going to be there and expressed that they had been excited about the prospect and wanted to thank me for writing the blog. People actually recognized me when I was walking in the lobby. So amazing and overwhelming. I'm just me, you know?" You deserve it, Kelly! Many thanks for all of your hard work!



What an unforgettable night, no doubt full of extraordinary memories for all of those who attended the Fan Faire, concert, and Meet & Greets.

And of course this feature would not be complete without asking Flight Crew administrators what they love most about Il Volo:

MARIE: "Their voices...I'll never forget the first time I heard them sing. It was the end of a program on TV. I fell for them instantly. Nothing even close has ever happened to me before. No doubt there is such a thing as 'love at first sight'."

KELLY: "They are humble, sweet...amazing personalities. They are the good that's missing in the world.  Their voices are pure magic."

Can't wait for the next Fan Faire! Who's with us?!?

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