My Playlist: K-Bust

PHOTO CREDIT: François Nadeau

PHOTO CREDIT: François Nadeau

Multi-lingual electro-pop/urban artist K-Bust is fresh off the release of her powerful new music video "Over." The Chilean-born self-taught musician is now based in Montreal, Canada, and is currently preparing her sophomore album Fearless, which is scheduled to drop in March 2018.

Today K-Bust shares an eclectic playlist of favorites exclusively with Musical Notes Global. Here's what she had to say:

"I've always been more into female artists, than male fronted bands or solo acts, since I am a female pop artist myself. I wanted to make a compilation of all the artists who have influenced me either sonically or lyrically, or simply because I identify with their personalities. As well as artists that I think deserve more exposure for their work," she explained. "It's also made of songs that have traveled the world with me, that somehow make me feel I'm home regardless where I am in the world. A big part of this playlist is about bringing back the experience the artist provided me with during her live show; I'm all about emotions and memorable experiences when I attend a live show. Definitely, these are the songs that make my day more exciting, just can't get enough of them."

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