Scrub & Ace Ha Share New Video "Sneaker Tweaker"

Musical Notes Global's favorite hip-hop duo is back!

This week, MC Scrub and producer Ace Ha give us a glimpse into sneaker culture with their newly released video "Sneaker Tweaker." Exploring shoes in just about every style, from customs to classics to Jordans and more, it acts as a playful commentary on sneaker collecting from the points of view of two characters: "The Plug" and "The Salesman."

"I’ve always joked that you can make a snap judgement about someone based on their shoes and be extremely accurate," Scrub told Musical Notes Global. "That idea grew into the concept for the song and the rest came pretty easily. Sneaker collecting has become so crazy in the past decade too so we had fun putting some of the more extreme characters on blast. This is just supposed to be fun and hopefully spur some arguments about who has the freshest kicks! If nothing else, maybe we can curb the amount of folks wearing Crocs and that would be our greatest contribution to the world."

Bright, colorful, and super duper fresh, "Sneaker Tweaker" follows the duo's signature thought-provoking style that always carries the stamp of Scrub's insightful lyrics and Ace Ha's flawless bumpin' beats.

"Remember kids," Scrub says, "flip flops are for the camp showers, not the streets."

Right on Scrub & Ace Ha, right on. Watch "Sneaker Tweaker" below.

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