Get to Know Me: Klez


John Klezmer, aka Klez, is a triple threat.

This California-based artist is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and all-around performer extraordinaire who was raised on the best of Motown. Now, as he forges his own musical path, he takes that influence and infuses it into his own compositions.

His new EP Old Soul New World is no exception. The super rich six-track collection overflows with catchy hooks and lots of exhilarating, dance-worthy soulful grooves and features the newly released single "Sons & Daughters." Warm and deliciously gospel-tinged, it truly captures the essence of who Klez is as an artist and is just one example of the colossal potential he has to positively impact the industry.

Klez told Musical Notes Global all about "Sons & Daughters," Old Soul New World, why he loves performing and more. Check out his questionnaire-style interview below.

Here's the scoop on my new single "Sons & Daughters": "Sons & Daughters" is a statement of unity. Throughout these tumultuous times, it is important to maintain hope. This song lends an upbeat and encouraging message with the intent of bringing people together. I wrote the chorus in a way such that people of all ages and origins could easily sing along and be united by music.

My favorite memory from recording the song was the effortlessness of tracking vocals. The audience never truly knows how many takes it took to nail a specific line or emotion, and I'm grateful that this song came together faster than I could have ever expected. The creation of this song was one of the most natural processes that I've experienced, as both a singer and a songwriter, and it remains a positive memory today.

The most important thing I learned from making my new EP Old Soul New World was: The importance of being your own biggest critic. I spent so much time making sure that every last detail about "Old Soul New World" was something that I could not only live with, but enjoy for the rest of my life. In the case of recording this EP, I made sure to avoid any shortcuts, so that the end product would maintain absolute integrity. It definitely wasn't always the easiest choice to make, but I believe that it's the decision that all musicians should be making. After all, it's what the audience and the world deserves.

My favorite track from the EP cannot be determined because songs are like children. Each one brings its own unique character to the forefront. Though the themes and instrumentation may vary, my love and appreciation of each is equal.

My favorite lyric from the EP has yet to be decided because once again, I spent so much time writing lyrics and crafting the songs, that I take equal pride and joy in all the lyrics and the themes which they convey.

I love performing live because it gives me the opportunity to connect with the audience face to face, and I make sure to never take it for granted. I feel most at home when I'm on stage, and live performances give me a chance to show people what the band and I are made of. If I am not exhausted and drenched in sweat by the end of the show, then I didn't do my job. If I didn't meet new people and engage with the audience, then I didn't do my job. There are so many platforms for people to receive their music, so I make sure that if someone has taken the time and money to see a Klez performance, that they leave with memories that will last them a lifetime.

I love my fans because as a musician, they give my life purpose and make all of life's nonsense and troubles seem insignificant. I make music with the audience in mind, hoping to create a safe space for them to enjoy and connect with the music, as well as with themselves. One of the beautiful and less spoken byproducts of this, is that in turn, by being a musician, they provide me that same safe space to connect and enjoy life when I perform. The support of my audience has left me immensely humbled and eternally grateful.

One day I hope to inspire others in the same way that my favorite musicians inspired me. I hope to influence positive change, and I hope that one day people will see that knowledge is power. We as a people deserve to live life to the fullest, not simply scrape by to survive.


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