Jen Janet Releases Solo EP Dangerous

Pop singer and model Jen Janet has just released her new EP Dangerous.

The four-track collection is laced with bright traces of dance-pop and EDM and features the stand-out heartfelt ballad "In Bloom," which was recorded with Chris Piquette of the pop punk band Trophy Wives.

The Massachusetts-based artist said she writes a lot of her lyrics in the shower. "I don't know why," she said. "Maybe it's because you're alone with your thoughts in a relaxing environment, but it can be pretty inconvenient. For instance, I'll have an idea pop into my head and I won't want to lose it, so I'll jump out, throw a towel on, and run to grab a notebook. The trick is not to get the paper wet."

Janet is also the lead singer, keyboardist, and only female member of alt-rock band Blind Revision. While touring with the band, she has shared the stage with big acts such as Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Hawthorne Heights, and more.

Check out the title track of her new EP below.


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