Premiere: Iduna's New Single "All In His Head"

Toronto-based alt rock band and Craigslist success story Iduna commands the attention of their listeners through exhilarating rhythms and powerfully rich harmonies and melodies. Their upcoming debut album Counterpart allows these qualities to mightily shine, and today the band premieres its latest single exclusively with Musical Notes Global.

An intensely contemplative track, "All In His Head" was written several years ago by guitar player and co-songwriter Trison Boyes and explores the inner workings of our minds as well as the anxieties that so often haunt us. "It's about taking a good hard look at the motives that drive us, and questioning what we find," Boyes told Musical Notes Global. "To throw back the curtain and explore the confusion and anxiety that we try to bury. Do we genuinely care for someone, or they for us? Are the signals that we interpret really there, or are they constructs that we make up in order for us to become the hero of our own stories? It's so easy to get caught up in our heads, with our fears and worries, that we can lose sight of the world around us," he continued. "This song was written as a way for me to embellish those fears and anxieties, and put them out in the open so I could see how unhealthy they really are."

Thriving on creativity and companionship, Iduna comprises songwriters Jason Craig (guitar) and Trison Boyes (guitar), Tim Saulnier (bass), and Craig Koziar (drums). Upon meeting, the quartet of industry veterans instantly clicked, nurturing their ability to convey their message in engaging, relatable lyrics that touch upon themes such as betrayal, optimism, and compassion. Look out for their debut album Counterpart, which is scheduled for release on May 12 and have a listen to "All In His Head" below.

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