WHM Playlist Series: Elise

The latest installment in Musical Notes Global's Women's History Month playlist series comes from up-and-coming Latin sensation Elise. The talented young singer and songwriter, who also plays the guitar and ukulele, is working with Latin music guru Maffio to get her career off the ground. And she couldn't be in better hands. Check out her newly released music video for her hit single "1 800 Amor" here and discover her favorite girl jams—and the reasons why she loves them— below.

"Creo en Mi"-Natalia Jiménez

"Natalia Jiménez is such a big inspiration for me. Her lyrics and her melodies are some of my favorite. She inspires me to pursue my dreams in this hard industry."


"Firework"-Katy Perry

"I chose this song because my friends and I karaoke to this, and because Katy Perry is awesome!"


"Hair"-Lady Gaga

"I had to include Lady Gaga in my playlist, her artistry and individuality really inspire me."


"Confident"-Demi Lovato

"Demi's songs bring me confidence during those times when I might not be feeling too sure of myself."


"Try"-Colbie Caillat

"These four songs are all about loving yourself and never giving up. Whenever I need a pick me up or just want to feel on top of the world I usually listen to this whole playlist but mainly those four songs."


"Girls Just Want To Have Fun"-Cyndi Lauper

"This to me is the ultimate 'girls night out' anthem."


"Scars To Your Beautiful"-Alessia Cara

"I would love to one day write with her. We both write about the same thing in our own different ways, about loving yourself and women empowerment."

Make sure to check out Musical Notes Global's interview with Elise here and follow her on social media for all her latest updates:

Facebook: @Thisiselise

Instagram: @elise

Twitter: @EliseThis