Beautiful Nothing Talks New Video & Canadian Music Week with MNGBlog

Through passionately delivered lyrics and driving bass and guitar lines, Beautiful Nothing delivers a dynamic brand of indie electro-rock that will not only light up your playlist, but will absolutely delight at this year's Canadian Music Week as well.

"CMW is always a lot of fun," lead vocalist Anthony Ludgate told Musical Notes Global about their upcoming show. "With so many venues closing in the Toronto area at the moment it's going to be awesome to play at The Hideout that has recently re-opened at a new location. It'll be a blast one of the first bands on stage at the new venue."

The band is fresh off the release of their new album Sleep Walk, which boasts five tracks of thrilling rock, pop, and electronic bliss. "There isn't so much an overall message we wanted to convey with Sleep Walk as much as an overall mood," Ludgate explained. "We wanted to take a peek behind the curtain and explore who we were behind our masks. The subject of dreaming often comes into play, relationships are touched on, death and terminal illness, youth and the unknown future are examined, but all from the point of view of the subconscious. That's what's so great about sleeping and dreaming. You're never able to lie to yourself about your primal feelings and fears when your logical mind is shut down and your inner instincts take over."

Currently, the quintet is promoting their latest single "Must Be Dreaming." Written and produced by Ludgate along with his brother, Luke (guitar/keyboards), the track, with its addicting driving beat, is one that can easily be imagined at the top of the charts. "The song was written and produced...over a few dreamy summer afternoons at my home studio in Burlington," Anthony said. "'Must Be Dreaming' was inspired by feelings of surreal apathy. It's about the never-ending highs and come-downs of being in a relationship. The song takes a step back from life for a moment and contemplates the wonder of it all."

A dark smokey ambiance finds the accompanying music video perfectly matching the song in tone. "The music video was filmed by our bassist James Featherstone," Anthony said. "We were lucky enough to know a friend who works for a video equipment rental company in Toronto where we were able to borrow gear and film everything."

Beautiful Nothing is a band whose music must be experienced live. Catch them on Saturday, April 22 at 9 p.m. at the newly re-opened venue The Hideout, located at 423 College St. in Toronto.

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