Landlord Talks New Video "New Year's Eve" with MNGBlog

IMAGE CREDIT: Matteo Di Pippo

IMAGE CREDIT: Matteo Di Pippo

Hailing from Rimini, Italian band Landlord got their start in 2012. Formerly contestants on Italy's edition of X Factor, they are establishing an original and distinct electro pop sound with international appeal.

The band, which comprises members Francesca Pianini, Luca Montanari, Gianluca Morelli, and Lorenzo Amati, recently released a hit. An English language track, "New Year's Eve" is full of compelling electronic energy and has a pulsating beat that is echoed in the music video. While the lyrics were written by frontwoman Pianini, the song as a whole was gradually constructed by the band with the production of Gianluca Morelli and Fulvio Mennella. "'New Year's Eve' is the result of an experiment," guitarist Luca Montanari explained to Musical Notes Global. "Unlike some of the other tracks from our two EPs, in this case we decided to write the lyrics, beginning with and focusing on that and then only at the end fabricating an arrangement on top of them."

The video is based on a continual movement and alternates between shots in darkness and in light, the rhythm matching that of the song. "For this video we had the fortune and honor of collaborating with great professionals, Luigi Antonini and Alessandro Voltolin. Two people that we respect a lot and with whom we have established a strong bond of friendship," Montanari said. "We are particularly attached to the video for 'New Year's eve', it marks one year since the start of our journey with our two EPs 'Aside' and 'Beside'. Furthermore, the video was shot by a person who is special to us, Luigi Antonini, our former director on X Factor, where everything truly began."

In 2016, Landlord ranked at the top of digital sales charts with their single "Get By" and their EP Aside. Watch the official video for "New Year's Eve" below.

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