Watch: Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm's New Video "A Friend for the Apocalypse"

Virginia-based rock band Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm have just released a new single from their debut album Family Ghost.

A haunting statement track, "A Friend for the Apocalypse" discusses living life in the midst of today's crazy, unpredictable world. About the single frontwoman Lauren Hoffman stated: "Maybe it's not the end of the world, but these days everything seems upside down, there's a feeling of impending doom...but at the same time, we are all still living out our individual little stories and as all this is going down, I feel very much alive, excited about our future, turned on. That juxtaposition is where the song came from."

Filmed in glowing red light, the video features the band singing amongst partygoers, their skin and clothing branded with messages of resistance.

Along with frontwoman Hoffman, the band comprises members Tony Lechmanski (guitar), Cathy Monnes (cello, violin), Jeff Diehm (bass), Ethan Lipscomb (keyboard), and Kevin Ardrey (drums). Together they enchant with dark indie rock vibes and released their folk-tinted 11-track debut album Family Ghost earlier this year.

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