My Playlist: Hightower

Hailing from Paris, France, five-piece punk rock band Hightower made a successful splash in 2014 with their Steve Evetts-produced debut album Sure. Fine. Whatever. Comprising Attila (vocals), Alexis (bass), Benjamin (guitar), Jérémie (guitar), and Romain (drums), the band is teaming up once again with Evetts on their sophomore effort Club Dragon, which is set for release this fall.

Today Hightower shares a playlist of songs that have influenced them with Musical Notes Global. Listen below.


From album Idle will kill

Year: 2001

"Jeremie and I discovered punk rock music through Epitaph's Punk-O-Rama (mostly volume 6) and Burning Heart's Cheap Shot (mostly volume 1 & 5) compilation. We're ultra fond of Osker's Idle will kill album."



From the album Together again for the first time

Year: 2001

"2001 at its best ! Warm and catchy punk rock.

"Funny thing is that the song from the Punk-O-Rama compilation is little bit different from the track on the album. One of my favorite album cover by the way."


"I am the one"-Crackout

From the album This is really neat

Year: 2001

"We love so much that album that we named one song from our 1st album 'This is really neat'. Production on that record is amazing, sounds like jazzmen playing indie punk music."


"Penguins and Polar bears"-Millencolin

From the album "Pennybridge Pioneers"

Year: 2000

"Classic 'mid tempo' punk rock song from the 2000's era."


"That song"-The Bouncing Souls

From the album How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Year: 2001

"I learnt how to play fast beat on that song. I remember that this track was featured on a Rock Sound sampler."



From the album Land of the free

Year: 2001

"Jeremie's favorite punk band. We discovered the band on Rage's sampler in summer 2001. Production is amazing, Joe Baresi did an amazing job."

"It's my job to keep punk rock elite"-NOFX

From the album So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes

Year: 1997

"First NOFX album that we got. Fast, fun and catchy album."


"The party"-Hightower

From the album Club dragon

Year: 2017

"This is our 'mid tempo' song. I'm sure Attila would say : 'Pop punk song'!"

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