The Sometimes Island Drops Synthy New Single "Can't Move On"

Get your ears ready for another dynamic jam from The Sometimes Island!

Listening to The Sometimes Island (Matt Blakenship Jr.) is like listening to pure musical sunshine. Although "Can't Move On" recounts the story of a breakup between two of Blakenship's friends and his perception of it, the lyrics are set over a bouncing and vibrant playful synth pop beat, a sound that has quickly become his signature.

"Two very close friends of mine were dating, and when they broke up I was in the middle of it, hearing both sides and feeling very torn," Blakenship revealed. "Those sentiments channeled into this song, written from each of their perspectives. The inability to communicate - with battle lines drawn and pride on the line - made me feel a little like a cloud floating over a battlefield. This song was my way of dealing with it, using the music symbolically to put in little silences and finally an explosive, dramatic bridge."

Listen to "Can't Move On" below.

The Sometimes Island will release his new EP Bad People on July 28. Listen to "Stick To Yer Guns," the first single released from the EP, here. He will also tour the West Coast later this summer.

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