Behind the Scenes: Tropic Reveals 4 Facts Behind Their New Music Video "Over You"


New York-based duo Tropic is churning out music that is deliciously soulful and wonderfully modern, channeling ‘90s R&B vibes but adding the driving electronic elements that have taken over the 2010s.

The duo’s members each enter the project with their own accomplishments: R&B singer/songwriter Jo-B Sebastian has spent time performing residencies in Manila’s top clubs, electronic DJ/producer Phuse (Jarel Hill) won Insomniac’s Discovery Project and played at EDC Las Vegas.

The pair recently released the music video for their latest single “Over You,” a psychedelic track featured on their debut EP Bittersweet, which was released this summer. Today they share some behind the scenes facts about the making of the video exclusively with Musical Notes Global. Check them out below!

1. One of our dancers, Brian Poniatowski, is the winner of Poland’s So You Think You Can Dance. We were lucky enough to work with him on the "Over You" music video.

2. All of the indoor scenes were shot in our friend’s  gorgeous Crown Heights brownstone apartment. We emptied their living room out and rearranged all their furniture and topped it all off by fogging the entire apartment with industrial smoke machines - it’s a wonder she’s still friends with us!

3. We decided we wanted a dance scene early on in our pre-production stage (mainly due to the fact that Jarel is an animal on the dance floor) but we only actually got our choreography together three days before shooting! Luckily our dancers are pros and were able to pick everything up in no time. 

4. We have very talented friends and family, and we love working with them! Evan Carter, our director, is actually Jarel’s best friend from college, and one of our dancers, Cristina Sebastian, is Jo-B’s younger sister.

Watch “Over You” below.

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