New EP Alert: Sarah and the Safe Word are Red, Hot, & Holy

Sarah and the Safe Word 1.jpg

Sarah and the Safe Word, the Atlanta based rock band, have released their latest EP Red, Hot, & Holy!

Comprising vocalist Sarah Rose, guitarist Kienan Dietrich, violinist Susy Reyes, violist Courtney Varner, keyboardist Beth Ballinger, bassist Maddox Reksten, and percussionist Sam Freeman, the septuplet have a queer and POC-positive lineup. This means that Sarah and the Safe Word are a band for everyone and anyone. Their shows are described as being a safe, inclusive space for anyone who attends.

Perfect for Halloween, the band’s gothic rock and theatrical pop seven-track EP gets people to move, shake, and rattle their party bones. The EP’s first track, “Invocation,” brushes the surface of the creepy (in the best way possible) and fun songs to come.

The EP’s title track channels Panic! At The Disco vibes with its use of piano, viola, guitar, and clean vocals. Fans will be singing along to the lyrics “Red, Hot, and Holy. Could you touch me like you told me?” wherever they hear it. This goes for the six other songs on the EP, like “The Louisville Shuffle (RIP)” and “Dead Girls Tell No Tales.”

The collection is a cinematic taste of what Sarah and the Safe Word have in store for the future. "Red Hot & Holy is the first Sarah & the Safe Word record to make full use of all 7 of us,” Dietrich said. “We collaborated on a level we never have before, and I think everyone’s individual voice can be heard in each song—sometimes literally, since almost everyone in the band is a singer too. A lot of records can start feeling like the same song over and over, so we tried very hard to make each song its own original, cinematic world.”

Stream Red Hot & Holy now on Spotify.

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