People Museum Talk Debut Album + Southern Influence



Producer/trombonist Jeremy Phipps and composer/singer Claire Givens are alt-pop duo People Museum.

With roots in New Orleans, the pair came together in 2016 and have been writing and performing ever since.

People Museum just released their debut album I Dreamt You in Technicolor. The nine-track collection, which features the singles “Bible Belt,” “Eye 2 Eye,” and “Fly By,” is laced with the vision of the common ground their share having grown up in New Orleans. Incorporating delectable elements of electronic pop while maintaining an element of tradition throughout, Phipps’ experiences in marching bands and jazz trickle through in the form of lively sonic textures, while Givens’ classical background adds subtle maturity and grace.

The duo talked to Musical Notes Global all about the album, how growing up in the South has influenced their music, and more. Check out the full interview below!

MNG: How does it feel to finally release your debut album?

Claire: I’ve worked with a lot of different musicians before and had high hopes but ended up with an unfinished or abandoned project. With People Museum, I was finally able to make the music I dreamed about and come out the other side with a physical representation of it.

PHOTO CREDIT: Arielle Bobb-Willis

PHOTO CREDIT: Arielle Bobb-Willis

Jeremy: This whole process has been very pleasant. Sometimes writing and recording an album over a long time period can be frustrating but making IDYTC felt relaxed, while at the same time very cathartic. 

MNG: What does it represent for you?

Claire: It’s the wrapping up of a healing process that the creation of this music was for me.

Jeremy: It represents the growth of the New Orleans music scene. It’s evolving and we are evolving. 

MNG: How do you think your experiences living in the south have trickled into this album?

Claire: It’s in the DNA of our music and who we are as people. We are both from Louisiana. We can’t get away from our past for better or for worse, but I appreciate my southern upbringing. I was lucky enough to travel out of the country as a teenager, so I got some perspective. I saw that my highly religious and sometimes suppressive environment was not the norm, and I definitively touch on that in many songs on “I Dreamt You in Technicolor”.

Jeremy: No matter what filter, processing, or synthetic element we manipulate our art with, you can taste Louisiana in the heart of it. Like when you accidentally spill Tony Chacere on your burrito and you're like "wait. this is actually amazing”.

MNG: What do you hope fans take away after listening?

Claire: Connection and freedom. I want fans to let go and enjoy themselves.

Jeremy: I want them to know that we love you...or we might love you...or actually I'm not sure it's too early for me to say. 

People Museum perform live tomorrow, Saturday, October 6, in Brooklyn, NY at C’Mon Everybody. Tickets are available here.

I Dreamt You in Technicolor is now available on digital music platforms.

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