Aja Warren Talks New Single "Infinite Stranger"

Infinite Stranger Aja Warren.jpeg

Aja Warren is a jack of all trades when it comes to the arts.

Dabbling in film, modeling, and photography, the Los Angeles-based artist is now pursuing a career in music and today she drops her new single "Infinite Stranger," the title track off her upcoming EP.

"Infinite Stranger" focuses on the concept of how others are strangers to us until we meet them and get to know them. "The title came to me first. Something I was musing about for a while. The idea that we are strangers with people we haven't met yet, but when we meet we're strangers no more," she explained to Musical Notes Global. "Someone who travels or journeys a lot through life might feel like they're on the outside, always a stranger. I feel like this sometimes. It's at once a mysterious, free life and yet can be a lonely existence."

Following Warren's signature cinematic style, "Infinite Stranger" will envelop listeners in an immersive sound experience and will further captivate them with its thought-provoking story. "I want the audience to feel intrigued and seduced, engaging in the fantasy and freedom that strangers can provide," she said. "You can project any story upon a stranger and this always tells you more about yourself than the person in front of you."

Get "Infinite Stranger" now on digital music platforms including iTunes.

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