WHM Playlist Series: Elesa Marmo

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New York-based singer and songwriter Elesa Marmo will enchant you with her sparkling vocals and easygoing melodies.

Formerly one half of indie duo The Wilts, Marmo made her debut as a solo artist in January with her emotional four-track EP Clear Blue. Today she continues Musical Notes Global's Women's History Month celebration with a playlist of songs from some of her favorite female artists. Check it out below!

My playlist of amazing women in music!!!

"Rhiannon"-Stevie Nicks
Stevie is my biggest musical inspiration. She is just magical and such a talented songwriter and I’ve been listening since I was very young and always try and see her perform when she's around.

"Perfect Places"-Lorde
I was inspired by this track a lot while writing and she's such a fantastic person and performer and writer I love her so much.

"Inspired"-Miley Cyrus
A perfect song for Women's History Month! She's a major influence as well for me and I actually have the word Inspired from her song written in her handwriting as a tattoo on my arm from when I got to meet her!

"Never Be The Same"-Camila Cabello
Camila is a fantastic singer I think what she’s accomplished so far in her career is incredible and she’s always remained so lovely and nice to her fans and just amazing. This song is so fun and sad at the same time and I can relate a lot to it.

"Hurt Less"-Julien Baker
Julien is one of those artist that have made me cry in my car at 6am driving by myself just from the pure emotion and pain in her words. This song has a great message all about mental illness and I think it’s the kind of song that needs to be out there.

"Young Lover"-St. Vincent
This entire album is fantastic but this song just stuck with me so much and the lyrics are
brilliant and the production is excellent and she’s so talented and a great performer.


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