Indie-Pop Band OcnSide Talks New Feel Good Anthem "Taking Me Over"

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David Dennis and Tony Aguiar are OcnSide, a brilliant indie pop duo hailing from California.

The former members of the beloved LA band Voxhaul Broadcast headed to the famed Studio City Studios last year to start their own project. Their time resulted in the creation of a scintillating sound that blends smooth R&B and soul with sparkling pop.

On Friday OcnSide dropped their brand new single "Taking Me Over" and they told Musical Notes Global all about it and more. Check out the full interview below.

Both of you have been in music for a while now and you were both members of the LA band Voxhaul Broadcast. What made you decide to form OcnSide?

After Voxhaul split, both David and I started solo projects to create the sounds that we never got to do while in the band. We've always been fans of each other's writing, and after a couple of years of doing it on our own we got together and wanted to combine all the sounds we explored and loved.

That being said, what is OcnSide all about?

It's such a passion project for us. We finally feel like we get to write and explore that soul sound we never fully grasped years earlier. We've also grown so much since those early band days, it's just nice to write music with your good friend.

How does it feel to be making your formal debut with this awesome new single?

It's so amazing! It feels like people are really reacting nicely to the song and that just makes us so excited.

What's the story behind "Taking Me Over"? Was it inspired by anything specific?

We really just wanted to write a feel-good love song. Something that brings that powerful feeling, but also makes you wanna get up and shake it.

The song started off when one day at Sound City I got to the studio a little early and started messing around with a piano riff I sampled the night before. I threw some drums and chords over the sample and sent it to David. David later took a walk around Echo Park and wrote the lyrics listening to the rough instrumental track I made. Actually, it's one of the quickest songs we have ever written. It all just came together nicely in one day.

What was the creation process like? How did the song take shape?

For a couple of months every day, David and I had Room B at Sound City studios all to ourselves. Usually, we would show up in the morning and just start messing around with different licks, riffs or samples. We never actually had anything previously written beforehand. We really wanted these songs to come out natural and organic and let the song really just take us where it should be.

Can we expect an EP or album soon?

Yes! Hopefully sooner than later. We recorded so many songs at Sound City, and we are hoping to share that with you all soon.


Listen to "Taking Me Over" now on Spotify and other digital platforms.

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