Get to Know Me: Hazel Bloom

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Inspired by the blooming of love and nature, Dave Carlin, a.ka. Hazel Bloom, has set out to create an emotion-evoking sound that commands attention through sincere lyrics and bopping melodies.

Today Bloom releases his new single “I Loved You, Once,” a synthy R&B-flecked pop track about love, loss, and starting all over again.

Get to know Hazel Bloom and his new music a little better in his questionnaire-style interview with Musical Notes Global. Check it out below!

For those of you who don’t know me, Hazel Bloom is a solo singer/songwriter known as Dave Carlin from Worcester, Massachusetts. I also used to play bass guitar for Backwards Dancer (Equal Vision Records).

I love to write music/poetry to express myself and clear my mind as well as travel and explore the world.

I just released my new single “I Loved You, Once.” Here’s the scoop: I wrote ‘I Loved You, Once’ during the early months of 2018. I wrote the lyrics to this song during the middle of a snowy night at the lake near my house. I was in a vulnerable state of mind where I was still in love with a person but I knew things weren’t going to work out so I wanted to hate them so badly. It’s essentially about feeling lost, then you stumble into this person that makes you feel complete. How beautiful it feels in that moment, then the next it’s over and you feel like you’re back to where you started. I feel the musical composition displays this feeling beautifully. There’s a sense of desperation and love that flows throughout the song into the outro. Then the saxophone takes over and you really feel those emotions, but I feel it gives the listener a sense of hope.

I’m excited about the release because it is the first release where I feel whole as a solo-artist. I feel I have developed a sound that other people as well as myself can relate to. It is easy to doubt yourself so to have a release I am fully proud of is a beautiful feeling to me.

Something you may not know about me is I grew up in the same town as The Hotelier. Watching them grow through my teenage years and playing countless shows with them really inspired me to keep pursuing music. Seeing a local band grow to be a world touring band was truly incredible to me and proved to me that it is possible to make it.

A few artists I loved growing up were Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, Panic! At The Disco, and Paramore.

They inspire me to keep believing in myself and to never give up on what I want to accomplish. Seeing most of these bands still touring after 10 plus years inspires me to keep working hard at my passion. If the time and effort is put in, good things will begin to form.

Here are a few songs that I have on my playlist right now: “Love It If We Made It” - The 1975, “High Hopes” - Panic! At The Disco, “Thru These Tears” - LANY, “wish u the best” - Blackbear

One day I hope to be able to play these songs I put my life into for people that feel the same way I do.

Look out for the official music video for “I Loved You, Once,” coming soon.

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