EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Jason Ewald Reflects on Loneliness in New Soul-Pop Single "Looking Everywhere"

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Ready for a little bit of soul? Jason Ewald has got you covered.

A native of Wisconsin, Ewald incorporates a variety of luxurious sounds and textures into his impressive, intimate style: a little bit of Creedence Clearwater Revival, a little bit of jazz, and a dash of Brazilian rhythm. After moving to San Francisco and spending some time in Brazil and Spain, the singer, songwriter, bandleader, and currently one half of the duo Jase & Stace finally landed in New York City. It was a move that quickly established his current inspiration in the beating heart of the Big Apple and in the bustling energy of the people who live there.


Today Ewald premieres his newest track “Looking Everywhere” exclusively with Musical Notes Global. The super soulful, funk-infused track pays homage to the rich, lush pop songwriting of the ‘60s and ‘70s while reflecting on isolation and the adversities of city life and revealing a search for love, acceptance, and peace.

“It wasn’t until after recording it that I realized how lonely I was at the time,” Ewald explained. “It seemed my subconscious was at work right under my nose. Such is existing in New York. What you love about it—what fulfills and nourishes you—is exactly what grinds you down and tests your resolve. Living in a city of millions, yet alone. Navigating periods of doubt, but always emerging victorious."

Listen to “Looking Everywhere” below.

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