Matt U Johnson & Siconic Talk New Feel Good Single "Move Your Body"

PHOTO CREDIT: Jackery Benjamin

PHOTO CREDIT: Jackery Benjamin

Rising vocalist Matt U Johnson is breaking into the international music scene one feel-good song at a time and today he releases his latest effort, "Move Your Body," a collaboration with Ontario-based producer/DJ Siconic.

Picked up by the German record label Ultimative Music, "Move Your Body" is a Caribbean-influenced, truly international tech house track that brings together elements of dancehall, hip hop, and electronic beats. "We were hoping to bridge the gap," Johnson said. "House heads being exposed to dance hall and vice versa," Siconic added.

With roots in Jamaica, America, England, and Canada, Johnson's diverse cultural background is evident on his new high-energy jam. "I hope for people to take positivity and progression from this track," he said. "With my American/Jamaican vibes I want them to feel good and energized by the music. A feel good vibe. But specifically [my background] has showed me to be open minded. And reach for diverse things not only in music but also in my life."

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However "Move Your Body" may never have come to life if it wasn't for Phil Carruthers, Johnson's manager, who first introduced the vocalist and producer. The rest is history. "I really appreciate the energy Matt brings to his music, and the speed and skill he showed writing vocals for our track. It was one of those things: we were expecting to just meet and listen to some demos, and before you knew it all the vocals had been recorded and the track was just about there (just needing some fine adjustments here and there)," Siconic said of Johnson. "I liked that Siconic was in the same creative zone and mind set as me, aspiring to be a business man and a musician," Matt U said in return.

Now the two artists see their new single as the start of a new life and a new partnership, and a chance to reach a whole new audience, uniting listeners from all over the world through positive, uplifting music.

"I feel for me it means a new beginning! New journey not only for our music careers but our lives," Johnson said about the track, while Siconic revealed, "The song was a half-baked demo of mine that I had almost given up on. So it was really serendipitous that Matthew came over when he did. He breathed new life into it, and helped transform it into something I think we can both be proud of. For me personally, it’s my first time working with an international vocalist, as well as my first time on an international label, so it’s an exciting step to take for sure."

Thanks to Ultimative Music, "Move Your Body" will have the chance to reach listeners who are eager to hear something new. Check out the track below.

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