"'Rosas en el Lodo' Symbolizes the Beginning of a New Musical Phase": Beto Cuevas Talks Collaborating with Monsieur Periné

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Beto Cuevas is one of Latin music’s most beloved songwriters.

A Latin Grammy Award winner, he appropriately became the winner of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame Conquistador Award in 2015.

Born in Chile, Cuevas grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, and Montreal, Canada, before landing back in Chile again to join legendary rock band La Ley in 1988. Over the course of more than 30 years, the trilingual artist has created a deep catalogue of songs, speaking to the human spirit in the most beautiful way.

Having already released two solo albums, in October 2018, Cuevas continued that journey with the launch of his latest single “Rosas en el Lodo,” a collaboration with Latin Grammy-winning Colombian group Monsieur Periné. The track has an energetic rock edge, while the music video, which was filmed in Mexico City, takes inspiration from action-packed James Bond movies.

Cuevas talked to Musical Notes Global all about “Rosas en el Lodo.” Check out the full interview below.

MNGBlog: How was the collaboration with Monsieur Periné born?

Beto Cuevas: When we decided with my management that "Rosas en el Lodo" would be my new single, the idea came up to do a featuring and someone from my management company told me about Monsieur Periné. I heard their music and I saw one of their shows on YouTube and they seemed very original and real, so we got in contact with them and they delightfully accepted my invitation. The result is what you can now see and listen to.

MNGBlog: What did you like most about working with them? Did you learn anything new from the collaboration?

BC: One always learns something new when working with another artist, whether it's in their way of working or in the way they perform a song. If you're lucky, you can even gain good friends, as was the case in this collaboration.

MNGBlog: How does the song mark a new stage in your musical career?

BC: I think that the musical nature of “Rosas en el Lodo” is so different than the type of songs that I've always made and in that sense it takes me out of my comfort zone and allows me to put forth something new and not predictable.

MNGBlog: The music video is very fun and full of action. What is your favorite memory from filming?

BC: There were many fun moments but I remember having laughed a lot when we did a fight scene with Santiago Periné where we had to make it seem like we were really fighting for our lives but at the same time we thought it was extremely funny.

MNGBlog: What has been the reaction from your fans with this new single? What does the song mean to you?

BC: For me this song symbolizes the beginning of a new musical phase, a sort of artistic rebirth.

Watch “Rosas en el Lodo” below.

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