Guest Blog: "One Day This Will All Make Sense" by Thessalonian


Sometimes in life, people know that they are destined for greatness. Some are lucky enough to discover their passions as a child and realize that it’s what they’re going to do for the rest of their lives.

Thessalonian is a Cleveland born-and-raised R&B singer with a passion for performing. From the time she was a kid, she has sung, performed in stage productions, and in 2016, she co-founded Turner Productions, LLC, where she and her team provide live show entertainment, music production, recording and development for clients.

In 2018, Thessalonian released her latest single titled “Be Loved.” The bouncy, soulful track talks about wanting to be loved and letting the past go. Her vocals are clean, poised, and sassy—a direct reflection of her personality.

Thessalonian’s biggest mission is to empower anyone and everyone that listens to her music. In honor of Women’s History Month, Musical Notes Global is celebrating women in the music industry, and as part of our celebration, Thessalonian contributed a guest blog about figuring out her passion for singing as a child and her journey in life.

“One Day This Will All Make Sense"

By Thessalonian

As a young girl I realized a gift that I could not escape. Time and time again I remained hopeful of where I would end up while feeling different in many capacities. My surroundings were mere surroundings and my peers were people whom only some I could relate to. Nevertheless, I continued to be lovable and worked well with others. Growing up, this ability matured as it created its on lane and demanded its own presence.  

In 2005, I received a full scholarship to The Ohio State University (OSU). This was the beginning of a pivotal moment in my life. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, it was time to venture off and start my journey. My time at OSU helped shape me as a singer, songwriter and actress. Not only was I challenged artistically but physically, emotionally and spiritually. Everyday being different I had to learn how to conquer every obstacle.

My upbringing was one that emphasized faith, spirituality and reaching higher heights. Just by watching my parents, grandparents, siblings and extended family I learned about possibility. I was taught to accept disappointment because it can only make me stronger. In times of weakness I should find solace in knowing that I am more than a conqueror. 

Although I carried those principles with me. It took some time to understand my purpose and exactly what fulfilling my purpose would do for me as well as others around me. 

What is my purpose? This is a question I had to ask myself. Often times, we are not accepting of what we are called to do and sometimes getting to the next level can seem unobtainable. However, giving up was never an option. I never lost hope. I soon realized that my gift is twofold. One part being creative and the other being visionary. 

It’s important to know that those of us who have dreams to create and visions to fulfill will also have sleepless nights and endless days. Once I realized my purpose those things no longer mattered. 

Music has the ability to give me strength while reaching so many who need to be inspired in multiple ways and still manage to express my heart. Music is the best language and my first talent. Writing songs and acting came later. I never knew my love for the arts would blossom in this way. 

Today, it all makes sense. I have become comfortable being uncomfortable. Every challenge or figurative storm is a chance to gain knowledge and seek more. To be better, do better and to help another on this path to becoming. 

I now know that I’m equipped to handle anything I face. There is a fire that burns within to inspire and empower women to accept nothing less than what they are worth. To teach the young gifted and talented to embrace their artistry and never deny the unique things they envision. 

To surrounded myself around creative like minded individuals who fuel my talent and uplift my gift. 

The journey is long. The process is intricate but the reward is priceless. 

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