Vesper Wood Talks Empowering Debut Album Instar

PHOTO CREDIT: Imani Givertz

PHOTO CREDIT: Imani Givertz

Vesper Wood is the solo project of Florida-based singer and songwriter Christina Wood, who is also one half of the UK electro-pop duo Kaleida.

Based in Florida, Vesper Wood just released her solo debut album Instar, which explores her own experiences with her femininity. Recorded in Bristol, UK with producer Ali Chant, the resulting collection is organic and atmospheric, approaching topics that are not discussed nearly enough, including those pertaining to women’s health. Penning some of the songs even helped Wood process the problems she was encountering with her reproductive health, as well as the lack of support and awareness around women’s health.

Conveying relatable stories and a fiercely inspiring vulnerability and fragility, Instar calls forth a healing spirit that so many women will be able to find comfort in. Musical Notes Global recently sat down with Vesper Wood to talk all about her decision to start her solo project, her new album, and more. Check out the interview below.

MNGBlog: On a scale from 1 to 10, how excited are you to be releasing your solo debut album?

Vesper Wood: 10! It’s a good feeling to know I can do this and will make many more.

MNGBlog: What made you decide to create a solo project?

VW: My partner in Kaleida took a bit of time off to have her second baby and I was feeling idle…thought it might be time to get together some of the more personal songs I had been writing and try a different approach to working and production…and keep learning.

MNGBlog: What does the album represent for you?

VW: When I listen to it, it represents a lot of emotional confusion, and it feels like it was the last push before coming into a bit of a clearing. It sounds sort of emotionally blinded to me, stuck in some themes I’ve been dealing with for a long time…loneliness, feeling lost, not valuing myself, all brought to a crisis point by feeling like my body was failing me as a woman when I had a series of issues with my reproductive health. I guess I was just emoting in a way that was genuine to me at the time, and now it feels like I’ve got some more perspective on it all. Maybe I’m finally growing up!

MNGBlog: Is there a message you hope to deliver through it?

VW: It’s definitely not literal, but I think people can feel a sense of hope in my music.

MNGBlog: What do you hope to accomplish with the release?

VW: I just want to get the album out there, and hope that some people will discover it, immerse themselves in it, and feel some companionship in it. And I want to build from it, and keep going with music making.

MNGBlog: “Descend” is a really powerful track. Can you talk a little about the story behind it?

VW: Thank you. It’s a classic breakup track, lol. It was about being rejected/ something ending and self righteously standing for love over all, standing by how you feel in denial because it was so epic. You know, a bit naïve, as if you putting your love out in the world matters more than the actual dynamics of two sometimes ambivalent, always complex human beings interacting in actual time and space. I was listening to one of Bjork’s songs from Vulnicura the other day and she said a similar thing to her ex-partner, maybe in a more interesting way – “For our love/ Kept me save from death/ You doubted the light/ And the shelter it can give/ For in love we are immortal/ Eternal and safe from death.” It’s like the pain of rejection is compounded by this larger pain at the other person no longer believing in the power of love, no longer choosing to love to bring you through together, no longer being committed to the concept of love. You feel the pain of the world in that. So yeah, not overly dramatic or anything.

MNGBlog: After completing this album, how do you think you’ve grown as an artist?

VW: Confidence. I’ve got a lot more of it. And I’m simultaneous a bit bored with my old ways as writing, and feeling a bit frustrated trying to find new ways of writing, new angles that help me bring out new tunes and sounds and concepts. Guess it never stops!

Stream Instar now on digital music platforms.

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