[PLAYLIST] Birch Shares Her Favorite Female Artists for Women's History Month


We love New York City-based indie pop artist, musician, and producer Birch for so many reasons.

Born in a small town in Connecticut, Birch spent years cultivating her songwriting skills and musicianship before furthering her studies at Kenyon College of Ohio and becoming an active member of the Brooklyn scene.

Branding her music as feminist synth-pop, Birch uses her platform to make a difference in her community and is an advocate for female empowerment and gender equality, a passion that comes across in her latest single “Spelling Lessons.”

“‘Spelling Lessons’ is a song about first experiences with sexist behavior. The first time I was taught that girls exist FOR boys, not WITH boys,” Birch says. “I was in 6th grade and I bent over in the library to grab a book. My shirt rode up a bit showing part of my back and the librarian standing nearby chastised me telling me, "Young lady, your back is showing. I won't have you in here distracting the boys." I was shocked, confused and embarrassed."

Birch is currently preparing to release her new album femme.one on April 5. As part of Musical Notes Global’s Women’s History Month celebration, BIRCH shared a playlist of some of her favorite female artists in the game today. Check out her thoughts + listen below!

This playlist celebrates Women's History Month by highlighting some of my favorite female artists today, artists that I think everyone should know about! Made up of new music (from 2017-2019), this playlist is meant to be taken on a walk and will bring your energy up and back down again.  

“The Bug Collector”-Haley Heynderickx

I can’t stop listening to this song. She is such a talented guitar player and I love her voice so much. It’s the perfect song to walk to, look around, take it in. 

“Bite The Hand”-Boy Genius

I love the idea of already established female songwriters getting together to form a supergroup. Boy Genius (made up of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus) does not disappoint! 

“Keep It Out”-Half Waif

My dear friend Half Waif is one of the most talented people I know and this song is so heartfelt with such a great groove. Let this song elevate your energy and bring you to a new level.

“1950”-King Princess

A new favorite song, I love the snaps and the groove. It’s one of my favorite songs to work out to. 

“Green Light”-Lorde

UGH I don’t even know what to say this is just one of my favorites! Lorde perfectly encapsulates vulnerability and power.


We’ve reached the climax of the playlist with a new, 80s-sounding track by Lizzo. I’m obsessed with her, if you don’t know Lizzo stop what you’re doing and go listen to her whole discography. 

“Spelling Lessons”-Birch

I’m bringing us back down to earth with my latest track “Spelling Lessons.”

“No Way Sit Back”-And The Kids

I love this new song from And The Kids, so free and fun and powerful! The perfect song to look up at the sky and feel the sun on your face.

“Heads Gonna Roll”-Jenny Lewis: 

A new slow burn by a legend. Perfect song to stop and stretch. 

“I Told You Everything”-Sharon Van Etten

I believe this woman is a genius and I am obsessed with this song. This is the perfect song to end on, it’s contemplative and introspective, it makes you go inside of yourself and listen to yourself breathe. 

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