[VIDEO] Story Behind the Song: Cuja Talks "Don't Forget About Me"

Cuja EPK 1.png

We’re already obsessing over Cuja, as she’s only just made her debut.

Spending her childhood traveling the word as part of a touring choir, Cuja is a multi-instrumentalist who has cultivated a well-rounded sense of self and a strong vision for her artistry. As an Asian-American woman living in LA, she also uses her music to champion for POC women in the States by transforming her hardships into songs brimming with cheeky lyricism without foregoing emotion. She’s even teaching herself how to produce her own music!

On Friday, the Los Angeles-based electric pop artist released her debut EP Vol. I, a four-track collection that dives into love and her experience as an Asian-American woman. Important to note: this EP is loaded with radio-ready tracks.

Cuja took some time out to talk to Musical Notes Global all about the story behind her empowering breakup anthem “Don’t Forget About Me.” Watch below!

Listen to Vol. I now on Spotify.

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