[VIDEO] Mr. Tropical's Creator José Raúl Gonzalez Talks New Project + Staying True to Yourself

Mr. Tropical.png

Who is Mr. Tropical?

That’s the question of the moment.

In short, as the project’s creator José Raúl Gonzalez explained to Musical Notes Global, we are all Mr. Tropical.

Hailing from the Fifth Dimension, the mysterious, celestial entity is here to promote peace, love, and light through music and art, channeling all the good vibes from somewhere beyond our physical world.

A producer, DJ, plastic artist, and creative director, Gonzalez is co-founder of Cacao Records and is bringing his dream to life with Mr. Tropical. It is through him that he reminds listeners that we must stay true to ourselves in order to live our best lives. We all have super powers, it’s just a matter of tapping into them and learning how to use them.

Watch Musical Notes Global’s interview with José Raúl Gonzalez during the Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York City below.

Mr. Tropical is fresh off the release of his self-titled debut single. Featuring Guatemalan rapper Rebeca Lane and Salvadoran rapper Zaki, the song is a psychedelic tropical fusion that tells the story of Mr. Tropical’s transformation. It comes along with a colorfully mesmerizing music video produced and animated by Erick Tran, senior producer of The Simpsons.

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