Lucy & La Mer's "Blue Dress" Will Have You Celebrating Pride Way After the Month is Over

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Pride month is about being one’s true self, celebrating the community, and embracing the things that make each LGBTQ+ person unique. It is a time of coming out—wanting the world to know and letting it show—and being proud of who each person is.

Although this glorious month is over, we’re not done celebrating.

Lucy & La Mer is Lucy LaForge, a Los Angeles-based artist and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. She is known for her enchanting lyrics and enticing storytelling. We absolutely love LaForge because she shares a message of positive self-belief, self-care, and honest self-expression with the world.

The folk-pop singer/songwriter recently released her latest single, “Blue Dress,” an anthem about self-discovery for all bisexual babes, dudes, and non-binary people alike figuring out who they are. LaForge’s soothing voice beams over a twangy pop melody with a memorable chorus that will have listeners singing well after the song has ended.

You can listen to “Blue Dress” and follow everything Lucy & La Mer below!

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