Behind the Scenes: Boy Epic Talks 5 Facts About the Making of "DRAMA"

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Boy Epic is our favorite mysterious prince of dark pop, and we’re always on the edge of our seat waiting for his next legendary release.

Employing the concept of synesthesia, in this case the state of consciousness when visuals fill the mind while listening to music, the Texas native sees his songs before he writes them and self-directs his cinematic music videos.

Boy Epic just released his new music video “DRAMA” and he revealed some behind the scenes facts about its creation. Check ‘em out below!

  1. The video and music behind "DRAMA" was inspired by the video game CyberPunk 2077 by Mike Pondsmith and CD Projeck Red.

  2. The lyrics in "DRAMA" were also inspired by the fictitious “Night City” the game world inside CyberPunk 2077. Other inspirations were also mixed in the lyrics from my personal life. The year 2018 was full of betrayal, loss and hardships for me. Writing "DRAMA" was my therapy.

  3. I wrote this song with my good friend Jason Evigan who has produced songs for Maroon 5, G Easy, Madonna. Jason and I have this incredible bond. He sees my vision as clearly as I do and working with him again has been one of the best experiences of my life.

  4. This is the first music video that I’ve directed and edited using a green screen. This is also the first time I’ve experimented with 3D VFX’s. I didn’t know how to do any of this, so I did my research and learned. Creating the shot list for this music video had to be carefully planned. I had all these different scene ideas in my head and what I wanted them to look like. Knowing that I was filming just in front of a green screen meant I had to create the world behind me in post-production.

  5. After I finished writing, recording, filming and editing "DRAMA", I flew to New York to get another tattoo on my inner forearm to remind me of another chapter in my book of life. The piece represents the deconstruction of turning negatives into glory. Understanding that within you, lies the ability to find the silver lining. To deconstruct, if you will.

Watch “DRAMA” below.

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