SLOANE's "Grow Up" is a Beacon of Hope in Hard Times

PHOTO CREDIT: Priscilla Boullion

PHOTO CREDIT: Priscilla Boullion

We live in hard times, but one thing is for sure: music will always be there for listeners.

Good vibes and encouraging words are pop artist SLOANE’s specialty. They help fans realize that adversity doesn’t last and that these hardships times are nothing more than a moment in time. With nearly 67,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, SLOANE has definitely left their mark on their fanbase.

SLOANE’s latest single, “Grow Up” is a lyrical reminder that everything is going to be okay. If John Hughes were still living, he’d definitely use the track in one of his coming-of-age films. Laid back synth, harmonies, and a steady beat carry the singer’s vocals in a retro yet modern way.

SLOANE’s message of hope and support rings true: if a person needs saving, they’re going to have to be their own superhero.

Check out “Grow Up” below!

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