Latino Urbano Duos: Angel y Khriz

Today we thought we'd visit the urbano side of música latina with a great duo, "Los Internacionales" Angel y Khriz.

Hailing from Puerto Rico, Angel y Khriz caught our attention with their 2010 album Da' Take Over. Although they are primarily a reggaeton duo (now signed to Pitbull's record label Mr. 305 Inc), we love the tropical flavors they sprinkle through some of their biggest hits. Their recent hit "Wepa," the third single off their upcoming fourth studio album, is bright and colorful in sound, and it makes us want to get up and dance every time we hear it (which we sometimes actually do).

They've also brought us one of our most favorite Spanglish tracks, “My Corazón," which we've included for you here

Our favorite songs from Angel y Khriz: "Ayer la Vi," “My Corazón,” "Te Sigo Amando," "Wepa"