10 Favorite Bachata Songs

Thanks to current artists like Prince Royce and Romeo Santos, bachata has a huge presence in today's Latin music market and isn't going anywhere any time soon.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the beautiful sound of bachata, the style has its origins in the Dominican Republic and incorporates elements of merengue and guitar-based rhythms. Check out our favorite bachata tracks below!

10. "Frío Frío"-Juan Luis Guerra

Why We Picked It: We had to mention the great Juan Luis Guerra on this list. Originally recorded by JLG and his band 440, he also sang this song live with bachatero Romeo Santos.


9. "Loco"-Enrique Iglesias feat. Romeo Santos

Why We Picked It: This song is huge! Enrique, of course, is known for his brand of pop latino, so it was pleasantly surprising when he collaborated with Romeo, known as the contemporary "king" of bachata, on this awesome and unexpected track.


8. "Su Veneno"-Aventura

Why We Picked It: A top favorite from legendary bachata group Aventura, "Su Veneno" tells the tale of the poisonous, seductive powers of a woman. Check out this live version from 2011 at the Chilean music festival Viña del Mar.


7. "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"-Leslie Grace

Why We Picked It: A classic hit with a refreshing bachata spin from young newcomer Leslie Grace.


6. "Promise"-Romeo Santos feat. Usher

Why We Picked It: Romeo + Usher = a perfect pairing. What an incredible song! This spanglish track effortlessly blends the style of two musical kings, appealing to all audiences.


5. "Cuando Me Enamoro"-Enrique Iglesias feat. Juan Luis Guerra

Why We Picked It: The bachata side of Enrique first took us by surprise with this track. And we love it! Featured on his album Euphoria, "Cuando Me Enamoro" is a sweet song about falling in love.


4. "Stand By Me"-Prince Royce

Why We Picked It: Who doesn't love "Stand By Me"? Prince Royce's version of the song not only proves its international popularity, but is also proves the track sounds beautiful in any language and any style.


3. "Cancioncitas de Amor"-Romeo Santos

Why We Picked It: This song is perfect. Romeo delivers an unforgettable track with a beautiful melody and lyrics that break our hearts.


2. "Dile Al Amor"-Aventura

Why We Picked It: Aventura took the traditional sounds of bachata and made the style current again, reviving it and cementing it in the minds of a whole new generation. This track about heartbreak is one of Aventura's biggest hits.


1. "Darte Un Beso"-Prince Royce

Why We Picked It: "Darte Un Beso" catapulted Prince Royce into lasting stardom. Now with over half a billion views on YouTube, it's a sweet and breezy love song that will always have a place on our playlist and in our hearts.