El Rey de Reggaeton: Our Favorite Tracks from Daddy Yankee

We’ve always loved Daddy Yankee’s style, but we especially love his most recent work. Check out this well-rounded mix that every Daddy Yankee fan, whether a diehard or newbie, will love.  

10. "Ora Por Mí"

Why We Picked It: “Ora Por Mí” is one of Daddy Yankee’s more serious tracks. Released as a single last summer, it modernizes the sound he brought to the world with his hits from years past.


9. "La Noche de Los Dos" (feat. Natalia Jiménez)

Why We Picked It: Daddy Yankee and Natalia Jiménez should definitely collaborate again. We love how their styles complement each other and their chemistry is out of this world (if you’ve been watching La Voz Kids you know what we’re talking about).


8. "Lovumba"

Why We Picked It: “Lovumba” was one of the many hits that came from the mega album Prestige. It’s an energetic track perfect for dancing, whether in the club or at the gym.


7. "Palabras Con Sentido"

Why We Picked It: Although it’s more politically charged than the other songs on this list, we love the beat and appreciate Daddy Yankee’s socially conscious lyrics. Along with a fantastic children’s choir backing him up, the video features cameos from some of reggaeton’s biggest stars like Tito “El Bambino” and Yandel.


6. "Moviendo Caderas"

Why We Picked It: This track from reggaeton superstar Yandel is so addictive. We knew it would be a global hit the first second we heard it. Produced by MadMusick, we have not taken this off of our playlist since it was released.


5. "Ven Conmigo" (feat. Prince Royce)

Why We Picked It: We love the flavor of this song! DY’s verses are absolutely explosive, while Prince Royce’s smooth vocals round out the track, making it a club-ready song with major flow.


4. "La Despedida"

Why We Picked It: The tropical beats! We also love the lyrics on this deceptively upbeat fan favorite from DY.


3. "Gasolina"

Why We Picked It: This song is a must to include on any list regarding Daddy Yankee. Its 2004 release brought on the revival of Latin music not only in the U.S. but all over the world.


2. "Limbo"

Why We Picked It: A huge success for Daddy Yankee, it was also the first major hit for producers Giencarlos and Jonathan Rivera of MadMusick. Dynamic and fresh, we fell in love with “Limbo” at first listen. With over 370 million views on YouTube, there’s no doubt that it will stand the test of time. We’re still going to be listening to this hot track 30 years from now.


1. "Sígueme y Te Sigo"

Why We Picked It: “Sígueme y Te Sigo” is the latest track from Daddy Yankee and it’s blowing up the charts. We think it will always be one of his best.