Hip Hop Duo Scrub & Ace Ha Premiere "Plastic Rock Vol. 1"

Fresh off the success of their debut video "Anita Ride" (2016), American hip hop duo Scrub and Ace Ha have just released their new video "Plastic Rock Vol. 1."

A spin off of Chicago's 1970 hit "25 or 6 to 4," the video is the intriguing first installment in the duo's "Plastic Rock" YouTube series, which sheds a new light on popular classic rock songs by weaving in boombap beats and conscious, thought-provoking lyrics.

Both Scrub and Ace Ha have roots in the Midwest and were inspired by the classic rock sounds they heard growing up in creating the series. "Growing up, the things I really loved, like skateboarding and hip hop, were on the fringe, but squeal-ing guitar was in abundance," Scrub explained. "Those influences eventually sunk in, so it felt completely natural to turn a few of these anthems on their heads."

"Plastic Rock Vol. 1" confronts a huge conflict that so many of us face during our lifetimes: doing what we're "supposed" to/"should" do or doing what makes us happy. "[...] Our first installment touches on a lot [of] ideas and is probably the most provocative of the series. I see a lot of people in a rut doing things they think they are supposed to, rather than what they want to be doing," Scrub said. "When I ask 'Are you really here to try and dance with the Devil?' I'm thinking of all those caught in the rat race and blind to the consequences of all work and no play. As an artist, this concept is very familiar. I've had to make endless sacrifices and endure criticism and judgment from every direction about what I should be doing with my life. This has always done nothing but fuel my fire."

Check out "Plastic Rock Vol. 1" below and make sure you come back to musicalnotesglobal.com to check out the following installments.

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