Scrub and Ace Ha Kick Off New Series "Old Fashioned Raps"

Scrub and Ace Ha are back with a brand new series that shines a refreshing light on hip-hop.

Titled "Old Fashioned Raps," the series brings listeners back to the sound of rap's golden age, which was defined by simple, effective beats matched with witty, introspective lyrics. Instead of concentrating on a gimmick, like sex or violence, with "Old Fashioned Raps" the duo focuses on delivering an experience. "This is a no-frills approach," producer Ace Ha explained to Musical Notes Global, "stripped of the glamour and posturing rife in today's radio rap."

As always, over Ace's brilliant beats, MC Scrub delivers super potent and relatable lyrics that hit on themes like beating the odds, doing your own thing, and following your dreams in the face of adversity. "Like a clean batch of moonshine," the duo says, "this is pure hip-hop, distilled to its fundamentals and served straight-up. Please be sure to enjoy responsibly!"

Check out "Old Fashioned Raps" volumes 1 and 2 below.

"Old Fashioned Raps" follows the duo's "Plastic Rock" series, which merged boombap and original lyrics with some of the most recognized hits in classic rock. Watch all five installments here.

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