Fay Gauthier Talks New Music & Her Genre-Fluid Style with MNGBlog

PHOTO CREDIT: Mikel Healey

PHOTO CREDIT: Mikel Healey

As a multi-talented actress, writer, and singer, Fay Gauthier is an authentic creative who always finds inspiration in whatever she listens to.

Sunshiny and positive, Gauthier grew up in rural Massachusetts and has developed a unique "genre-fluid" style, as she calls it, that she has put into play on her new album Firehead.

Blending a variety of flavors like jazz, pop, blues, and even spoken word into one unified sound is not easy, but she succeeds in achieving the feat, especially with her latest collection. "No matter the genre, with little exception, all the songs fit a traditional verse, chorus, bridge structure, even if the bridge is sometimes a spoken word riff," she said. "So that, and the use of electronic loops combined with live instruments (trumpet, keys, guitar, cello, etc.) in the production, brings a cohesiveness to the sound."

Her latest singles "Be What You Are" and "Living in a Daydream," both extracts from Firehead, are powerful testaments to this genre-fluid style and to life and the journey that it truly is. "Be What You Are" was a phrase I took from a Casting Director in an acting class years ago," she revealed. "It stuck with me, not only as good advice for acting, but for life in general, so I was inspired to write a song around it."

"Living In A Daydream," on the other hand, was inspired by her childhood and elegantly recaptures the playful innocence of simpler times. "'Living In A Daydream' is an ode to my youth," she said. "It's literally memories from my childhood put to music."

Through a down-to-earth approach and relatable lyrics, with Firehead, Gauthier shares a little glimpse into her own explorations in life and music while at the same time allowing her listeners to be transported back to their own stories and the moments that have come to shape who they are. "Because the album has twelve songs written from different stages in my life, the bigger theme is the journey to becoming who I am now," she explained. "Both singles tap into that--Be What You Are, with its message of self-acceptance, and Living In A Daydream with a sentimental nod to my roots and the innocence of a time long since passed."

Fay is currently working on writing and recording new songs and is playing shows around Los Angeles to support Firehead. Stream the album now on Spotify, and for all of Fay's latest news and updates, be sure to follow her on social media:

Facebook: facebook.com/faygauthiermusician

Twitter: @FayFayGauthier

Website: faygauthier.com