Jason Davis Talks Music Industry, One One 7, + Spotify with MNGBlog

For nearly 20 years, music executive Jason Davis has constructed a career helping others grow. First stepping into the music industry in 1998 as a songwriter, he quickly evolved into one of the most well-respected executives in the biz, changing the lives of many artists along the way.

With a keen sense for recognizing and developing promising talent, the New Jersey native has worked with top songwriters, producers, movie directors, actors and a variety of big-name recording artists including Boyz II Men, Lonestar, and Dolly Parton. Watch what Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men), Mollie King (The Saturdays), and Dean Sams (Lonestar) have to to say about Davis below.

Finding inspiration in the Bible verse 1 John 1:7, Davis founded the international entertainment company One One 7 to continue sharing his passion for music and entertainment with others. Focused on providing the highest quality service to their clients, One One 7 works with both established and up-and-coming artists as they pursue their careers. "One One 7 was born out of a desire to grow," he told Musical Notes Global. "I have always had an entrepreneur mind set where I love to build companies and help lives grow." Since its inception, the company has expanded through business partnerships in South Korea, Toronto, South Africa, and London, and Davis even the launch of the Christian-based One One 7 TV.

As one might imagine, Davis has quite the laundry list of accomplishments to his name, among them several ASCAP awards and a Billboard No. 1. However, in an industry that is all about relationships and who you know, Davis maintains a personal, human approach in his work and recognizes the importance of making connections as well as the impact those relationships have had on the growth of his career and the continued success of his business. "In the early years of my career it was about landing hit songs or landing an artist a record deal. I still view those as huge accomplishments, but today my greatest accomplishment would be being able to sustain in business for 20 years with having rich relationships."

What does he enjoy the most about his job? Connecting with others. "I love the relationships that I've been able to build over the years and new relationships that I form today," he said. "On top of that I'm very passionate about working with people and artists to build something with a shared vision together."

It is undeniable that the music industry has changed significantly over the past few years due to the advent of streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, and the number of people listening and subscribing to these services continues to rapidly increase. Although they once had a bad rap, Davis acknowledges the positive effect the services have had on the economic development of the industry. "They're incredible," he said. "Streaming is the lion share of where record labels are making their money today. It's turned into an incredible revenue source in the music industry and the pay out keeps continuing to get better from these streaming services."

As Davis looks to the future, he will continue to help artists and companies acquire the success that they strive to attain. "I've achieved most of what I initially dreamed of achieving and much much more nothing really new but to continue doing what we do at a very high level," he told Musical Notes Global. "I love delivering and serving people at a very high level to continue doing that would be my greatest passion in business."

For more information on One One 7, visit the website oneone7.com.